Alexandra Gieczys-Jurszo
The question of identity

Artur Przebindowski's "Megalopolis" is considered one of the few fascinating works of Polish painting to have emerged in recent years.
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Megalopolis: Interview with Artur Przebindowski. AVANT Avant-Garde Journal of Science and Philosophy. Trends in interdisciplinary studies.

Could I ask you to share some details with our readers concerning your technical approach to "Megalopolis", or would doing so violate trade secrets? For example what kinds of paints did you use, in what order were the images of the sequence painted, which specific techniques did you employ...?

 My paintings take shape in stages. Occasionally one of these consists of a time spent away from the work -- but away from it only in appearance.

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Ida Smakosz-Hankiewicz

Freeze frames of millions of cities, captured in a distinct labyrinth. A spacial, metropolitan analysis, cohesively documented through the artistic arrangement of the symbols and pictograms of the urban iconosphere. This is the latest work of Artur Przebindowski, graduate of Kraków's Academy of the Fine Arts, grand-prize winner of Poland's 23rd Festival of Modern Painting, and recipient of honorable mentions and the voter's choice award in the 40th biannual "Bielska Jesień" painting competition.
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My personal geography: A conversation with Artur Przebindowski

Lately I read an interesting observation about how airplanes, 99% of the time, aren't flying precisely in the direction of their destinations, though they are on course. Flying is a constant correction of course."I feel something like that," reflects Artur Przebindowski.
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Artur Przebindowski is an artist whose creative activity can not be described in a clear-cut way. Even though it is entirely individual and coherent it is not possible, fortunately, to spell it out. A sensualist and a scientist, an impressionist and a matehematician, a cool constructor of visual effects, and a subtle painter in one…

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